An opportunity to prioritize our Fathers


Fathers Day

Father's Day is another opportunity to express our gratitude to all father figures. Although it is true that "it is the thought that counts," there is such a thing as having too many socks, ties, and tools. Your father, grandfather, and husband all have one thing in common: they all want to sleep. As a result, move a step closer to becoming Dad's "favorite" by giving him comfort.

Dad = “A son's first hero, a daughter's first love”


Bring the hotel quality bedding right to his bedroom for the dads who are continuously on the road. When you cuddle up in our Luxury sheet Set, every night will feel like a soothing holiday. Our pillow shields you from the dust, grime, and allergies that fly around during the pillow fight. It's easy to clean up! Put the pillow in the washer with cold water, light soap, and the highest spin speed. With our Down Comforter, you can create the perfect health-conscious. 

The Extra Warmth Comforter is the ideal match for chilly sleepers in colder areas. With a sewn through box structure that keeps the down properly distributed and shift-free, it provides the insulating warmth you've been dreaming about. Extra-Warm isn't quite hot enough? Take a look at our Extra Warmth Comforter. For the dripping wet sleepers. Our breathable Light Weight Comforter is meant to keep you from overheating while still keeping you warm enough for a restful night's sleep. While sleeping on our Firm Pillow, you will experience nocturnal delight. Your head and neck will be supported as you relocate from side to side during the night thanks to the three internal chambers packed with feather-like cotton.

Place beautiful shams on our bed linens for a flash of color in your home, or simply add a few to your bed for added comfort. Our down and feather filled pillows in a western style are the perfect fashionable finishing touch. If your father's dream Father's Day includes a lengthy lie-in and breakfast in bed, then one of our sumptuous down-filled duvets or pillows might be the perfect gift. A set of ideal thread count, luxury cotton bedding in deep platinum grey, on the other hand, would be more his taste. Nothing beats waking up under the softest cotton duvet, cocooned in the lightest down duvet.

For more ideas for your Father’s Day gift this year – take a look at our website.