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While your soft winter bedding is really comfortable, it was made for cold winter nights. Allow the summer's higher temperatures and relaxed sunny days to inspire you to redesign your bedroom. Transitioning your space for the seasons is a great way to maintain your look fresh and new while also making it more comfortable. Summer brings warmer weather, and Sleep World's bedding experts are ready to help remind us that sleeping with lighter fabrics and cooler temperatures help us get the best quality sleep. Here are our top 5 summer bedding ideas to help you shift into the warmer months with ease. Making these adjustments will improve both your bedroom and your summer sleeping experience. Getting your bedroom ready for summer is a no-brainer. The temperature and ambiance during the summer months varies significantly from those during the winter months, therefore we have a different experience wardrobe for summertime, so should our bed. Not only will you love the change in the style of your new summer bedding, but you will also sleep much better when surrounded by the right fabrics, blankets, and bed sheets for summer slumber.


1. Introduce a lighter color palette to add a fresh feel to your bedroom
2. Choose lighter weight bedding layers for ultimate comfort
3. Use decorative accent pieces to add color and enhance your summer bedding
4. Select high quality fibers like 100% long-staple cotton and breathable fabrics for all your quilt sets and bedding
5. Opt for the best sheets based on your sleeping preference. Switch to percale sheets for the summer months as they naturally keep you cooler. Enjoy your favorite season even more, by building a cool and comfortable summer bedding ensemble.

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Create your summer bed with sleep world

The greatest way to incorporate a touch of your favorite season into your house is to create a cool and attractive luxury summer bedding outfit. SleepWorldintl has everything you need to welcome summer into your home, whether you want to add a splash of color or swap out your winter bedding for lighter, breezy summer options.